Yukina Tachibana's Compensated Dating Journal 3

Big Dick Cheating Condom Creampie Dark Skin Doujin Hentai Muscles Oppai Socks Swimsuit Twintails Ugly Bastard Uncensored X-ray

Despite wishing for it to end, Yukina continues her schoolgirl prostitution at the wishes of her uncle, but she quickly finds out none of her clients are as good, or as big, as he is. Looking for someone who can fulfill her desires, she sets her eyes on her swimming coach, noticing the giant bulge he had during class. With a penis twice as big as her boyfriend's, this man can please her just as she wanted, but her dark secret is going to be hard to hide when she finds out he doesn't care at all if they get caught.

Parody Original Work
Artist ShAKe
Circle shakestyle
Event COMIC1☆11
Publisher Irodori